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Hot-rolled steel ball Production process:

1. A single length of 3-4M for the length of the hot-rolled bar for the material stacking → bar heating → steel ball rolling → heat treatment quenching and tempering → quality control → storage → test → sorting → packaging → finished → Ship.

2. Hot-rolled steel ball not only high hardness, good hardenability, hardness distribution is extremely uniform hardness gradient, and the microstructure is particularly dense. Steel ball hardness of up to 58-67HRC, internal and external hardness difference is small; impact toughness up to 15-35J / cm2, broken rate of 0.1%.

3. Rolled steel ball High density, roundness is good, accurate diameter. The finished steel ball usually has two kinds of packaging, iron drum: usually packed 850 or 920KGS / drum, tons of bags: Each bag can hold a ton


Our Steel Ball Factory mainly focuses on high precision miniature steel ball manufacture and development. High precision stainless steel ball, chrome steel ball, glass ball and plastic ball, especially the size range from 0.5mm to 6.0mm, the precision up to Grade 5, are the main products we engage in.