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Wear-resistant steel ball quality difference

Furnace temperature is high, through the quenching and tempering of various processes, making the content of each element is relatively stable, and use them also environmentally friendly, wear-resistant steel ball factory in the country are almost all in the electric furnace to produce, you can guarantee the quality

Coke furnace: can only be made of low chromium wear-resistant steel ball, heated by carbon, sulfur content is relatively high, it will be more easily broken, you can use very cheap raw materials, sulfur and phosphorus and other harmful substances can not be distributed, and The biggest drawback is the furnace temperature up to standard, elemental composition is unstable, and now the state is grasping the issue of environmental protection,

carbon steel furnace wear-resistant steel ball basically can not be reproduced in the country, although the price is low, but because of the production of such steel ball Pollution is serious, so it has been eliminated by the market and the environment, is about to disappear in the market soon.


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