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Wear-resistant steel ball classification to explain

Wear-resistant steel ball can be divided into several broad categories, remove the raw materials, size and other issues, from the production process is concerned, divided into forged steel ball, cast steel ball and hot-rolled steel ball.

Forging steel ball is a round steel forging at high temperatures using air hammer made of high pressure forging, the production cost involves high labor costs. But forging steel ball a bit still a lot, such as rarely broken, strong wear resistance, cost-effective.

Ball mill steel ball there is a different composition of chromium steel ball, is casting steel ball, Chrome Steel Ball. Casting steel ball high oxidation resistance, strength density is lower than forged steel ball, broken rate is relatively high.

Wear-resistant steel ball in the hot-rolled steel ball, is the production of mechanical rotation production line, high efficiency, widely accepted by various manufacturers and use.


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