Carbon steel ball

Low carbon steel ball(carbon steel spheres, mild steel balls), they can be provided in the cemented, hardened or annealed state. Carbon steel balls show good wear and abrasion resistance(if they are hardened or cemented), good weldability(if they are annealed).
Carbon steel balls are used in low precision bearings, furniture bearings, bicycle and automotive components, agitators, sliding rails, drawer rails, skates, roller conveyors, castors, locks, bearing units. Utilized in burnishing, polishing and milling machineries. Furniture rails and rollers, drawers and rolling bearings, locks, oilers and greasers, skates, caddies, toys, belt and roller conveyors, tumble finishing. Bike and motor-bike components.
Description : High load capacity, Highly abrasive, Industrial applications,
Usage: Light bearings, Conveyor belts, Bicycle and motorcycle parts, Drawer slides, Linear slide furniture casters, Computer peripherals, Toys, Vibration grinding, Screw gear fittings