Steel Ball Factory

Stainless Steel Balls Specification

category China USA Japan Europe
martensitic stainless steel Cr13? 410 SUS410 SAF2301
1Cr17Ni2 431 SUS431 SAF2321
9Cr18 440C SUS440c  
0Cr17Ni4Cu4Nb 17-4PH SUH630  
1Cr12Ni3MoWV XM32   DIN1.4313
2Cr12MoVNbN   SUH600  
2Cr12NiMoWV   SUH616  
Biphase steel 00Cr18Ni5Mo3Si2 S31500 3RE60  
00Cr22Ni5Mo3N S31803 329J3L1 SAF2205
00Cr25Ni6Mo2N   329J1L1R-4  
00Cr25Ni7Mo3N S31260 329J4L SAF2507
00Cr25Ni6Mo3CuN S32550    
special alloy steel ZG40Cr25Ni20 HK    
ZG45Ni35Cr27N6 KP    
Iron chain steel 0Cr13 410S SUS410S  
Austenitic stainless steel 0Cr18Ni9Ti 321 SUS321 SAF2337
00Cr19Ni10 304L SUS304L  
0Cr17Ni12Mo2 316 SUS316 SAF2343
0Cr17Ni14Mo2 316L SUS312L  
00Cr19Ni13Mo3 317L SUS317L  
ZG00Cr19Ni10 CF3 SCS19A  
ZG00Cr17Ni14Mo2 CF3M SCS16A  
0Cr25Ni20 310S SUS310S  
00Cr20Ni18Mo6CuN S31254   254SMO
00Cr20Ni25Mo4.5Cu 904L   2RK65
00Cr25Ni22MoN S31050   2RE69


Our Steel Ball Factory mainly focuses on high precision miniature steel ball manufacture and development. High precision stainless steel ball, chrome steel ball, glass ball and plastic ball, especially the size range from 0.5mm to 6.0mm, the precision up to Grade 5, are the main products we engage in.