Stainless Steel Ball

stainless steel ball(stainless steel spheres, stainless balls, ss balls), they can be provided in the annealed, cold worked, hardened, magnetic or not magnetic state. The wide variety of stainless steels allows to choose the right material when high corrosion resistance or hardness or mechanical/wear and abrasion resistance properties are demanded.
Stainless steel balls are used in special bearings and pumps, aerosol pumps, gardening and household sprayers, pre compressed perfumery pumps, seams, medical application valves, agricultural backpack sprayers, recirculating balls. foodstuff, chemical, naval, aerospace and military industry.
Stainless steel ball Description : Corrosion resistance, Common Material 440C, 304, 316
Stainless steel ball Uses : valves, Rolling bearing, Antifriction bearing, Linear movement , Pump spray , Check valve , automobile industry ,bearings Toy Parts Computer Parts automated conveyor chemical industry, household cleaning products, cosmetics, pet supplies computer peripheral equipment and pharmaceutical products