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steel ball in the use of some of the reasons

steel ball In the process of the emergence of a round situation, our company immediately organize technology, quality control and related experts to the scene view

Ore hardness and wear-resistant steel ball hardness of a reasonable match

The quality of the wear-resistant steel ball is one of the main factors. The wear resistance of the wear-resistant steel ball depends on the surface hardness and the overall hardness. The crack resistance of steel ball depends on the impact toughness.

steel ball Movement of the ball mill in the form of movement

resulting in grinding ore. There are many similarities between the movement of the grinding media inside them and the steel ball is divided into three types of movement in the operation of the mill

The advantages of forging steel ball and rolling steel ball

Now lets analyze the performance characteristics of forged steel ball and cast steel ball

Forging steel ball and casting steel ball performance characteristics

Now lets analyze the performance characteristics of forged steel ball and cast steel ball:1. Forged steel ball: good surface quality, impact resistance, toughness, wear resistance, not broken and

Classification and explanation of hardness of steel ball

With a certain load (usually 3000kg) to a certain size (diameter is generally 10mm) hardened steel ball pressed into the surface of the material

Ball mill use of steel ball

​Ball mill Ball is a grinding medium used to grind ore blocks in cylindrical ball mill. It is widely used in iron ore and non-ferrous metal concentrator


Our Steel Ball Factory mainly focuses on high precision miniature steel ball manufacture and development. High precision stainless steel ball, chrome steel ball, glass ball and plastic ball, especially the size range from 0.5mm to 6.0mm, the precision up to Grade 5, are the main products we engage in.