Brief Introduction of POM Plastic Ball

Published: 2013-12-17 14:33 Author: View count: 2600 Views Size: L M S


POM ball is a kind of plastic balls. It is the abbrevation of material Polymerization, which belong to a kind of plastic. POM plastic is being a low degree of polymerization, which would be melting easily when it go through high temperature. General speaking, melting point of POM material is 180℃.

POM plastic being characteric of tough and flexible. It remain creep properties, geometric stability and impact resistance even if it is being low degree. Another characteric of POM plastic ball is the hardness. It is being a good hardness in normal case. If application enviornment has strong need of hardness, POM plastic ball are the good choice. Besides, POM plastic can resist rust and corrosion. Some industries areas use POM plastic balls instead of stainless steel balls.

POM plastic balls are applied into more and more industries. It plays an important role in the precision mechanical parts.


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