Steel Ball Surface Detector

Steel Ball Surface DetectorSteel Ball Surface Detector2

Structure and Operating Principle Of the Steel Ball Surface Detector


The latest Steel Ball Surface Detector is the first one which could batch detect the steel balls surface under the size of 2mm in the world, obtained numbers of International and National patents,solved the problem that couldn’t batch detect the miniature steel balls surface. 


Steel Ball Surface Detector contains two parts as function:
The first part: select the balls sizes precision by sorting roller,avoid mixing different size balls,control the variation of ball lot diameter effectively.
The second part: CCD Cameras detect the defect balls with Image Contrast Method, it takes the digital images automatically, choose one as the standard image,and when find the different images in operation,will pick out as unqualified one.
Technical Parameter:
Ball size available:0.7938mm~6.35mm(1/32”~1/4”);
Detection Speed: 14400pcs/hour;
Undetected Ration:0.0002%(manual control available);
Collecting Box:Two Boxes(Qualified/ Disqualified)



Operating Principle of Sorting Roller

The sorting roller use dry-type sorting method,it reuqires high cleanliness of the balls,it must be clean,free of oil and foreign matter.after the balls is ready,put the balls into the material plate,and the balls will move forward through the plastic tubing to the sorting roller.
Sorting roller is also our invention,obtained numbers of National patents,got the breakthroughs about the roller precision,roller motor setting and so on,the sorting precision is not larger than 0.003mm.


Operating Principle of CCD Camera


After selected by sorting roller,the qualified steel balls move into the second material plate,and then the balls will move ahead on the track which assembled with Linear vibrator and sensor,all above could ensure the normal operation.
When the balls move into the photosource, the CCD cameras takes the digital images automatically,the cameras scope has cover the most of the steel ball,it keeps moving and the camera keep photographing,so when the second time photographing is already cover the total steel balls,actually our CCD camera takes the photos five times,so it ensures the 100% percentage sorting,avoids the problem of undetected or nonuniform undetected ration .



Product data sheet:

Product data sheet1


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